If you intend visiting Etosha National Park, you may have just one chance to capture the moments that you witness. You will need The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park.

Your Dream…

You are going on safari to Etosha National Park You have dreams of capturing your fantastic wildlife experiences on camera. Then returning home with impressive images to show friends and family.

Your Struggle…

You get home with magnificent memories, but boring photographs that have not captured the essence of Etosha. Sometimes you are so disappointed with the results, you don’t show them to anyone . You cannot find the animals to photograph! Remember, the national parks are not zoos, you need to be able to first find the subjects and then know how best to photograph them.

Your Problem…

You are unsure of what photo equipment to bring with, you don’t know where the animal hot-spots are and you don’t know what to expect from the animals if and when you do find them. And by the time you are finding your way around the park, it’s time to go home. For many people, an African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you travel on first or business class flights you don’t have the time or money to repeat the trip in order to rectify mistakes you made on your first visit. You will need The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park.

The Solution.

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