The day an elephant drank my bucket shower.


Whilst on a mobile camping safari in Botswana. I had an interesting encounter with an elephant in my bathroom! Well, strictly speaking only a part of him was in my bathroom. But it certainly was a close encounter I’ll never forget when the elephant drank my bucket shower.

Returning from our trip

We had returned from our afternoon game drive a little later than usual. Having lingered over sun-downers at a particularly beautiful waterhole. So it was already dark when we arrived back at camp.

Botswana Sunset

Gin & Tonic

Our ever-efficient camp crew had already poured us a G&T and filled our bucket showers with piping hot water. We had just enough time to get the dust out of our hair before dinner was served.

A Bucket Shower
Bucket Shower

Bath time.

The African bush can be very dark at times and even with solar lightnings and a head torch. It took me a few minutes to organise myself. Before I was unzipping the rear door of the tent. Then I was stepping into my “en-suite” armed with a towel, shampoo, shower gel and other such girly stuff.

Just as I was about to turn the shower on a huge trunk snaked over the screen wall and an elephant drank all my shower water in one slurp. I don’t know who was more surprised – me with my very large unexpected guest or him with a trunk full of boiling water!

A loud trumpet was followed by him crashing his way down to the river for what I can only assume was a cooling drink and I soon followed his example by retiring to the camp fire for a cold beer.

Lived to tell the tale

With African “bush hair” and dusty feet I laughed about my encounter with my fellow guests and once again reflected on how Africa is a perfect antidote to modern living.

My shower could wait another day when elephant drank my bucket shower.

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