Stefan & Sibylle Vogt

10 months in advance we booked our safari with Your Safari. Thank you Kathryn and Lynn for your patience. You worked out a great itinerary. We decided to have Kathryn as our driver/guide and afterwards it was just the right decision. From the first moment when K. picked us from the airport we felt well with her. All was organised perfect, K. took care about everything and with her connections we had the most beautiful room, best table in the restaurant….

Kathryn’s car “Popy” was perfect to photograph. Furthermore it was more then nice having cool beer from the fridge and a great view from the open roof. We learned a lot from her about wildlife behaviour. We had fantastic wildlife sightings …. Cheetahs followed by 7 lions, giraffe’s territorial fight, waterhole with 12 (!!) different species etc.
Not only her knowledge of the animals and territory made the experience so great, also her photographic skills helped that we have fantastic photos – although the Swiss man was working with a NIKON .
My worries concerning language barrier have been for nothing. Kathryn made every effort to speak in a simple and easy understanding English. Very good for two Swiss people and of course, some language misunderstandings ensured that we really had very good fun.
Since we are really delighted with seeing more of Namibia, we are going back next year to see Damaraland– of course with Kathryn.
We can highly recommend Your Safari – you won’t be disappointed!!

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