Pam & Paul Boller

We wanted to thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous trip to Namibia. It seems very difficult to pick out a highlight because we were so impressed by just everywhere we stayed. You really took on board what we said about liking the birds, the wildlife, wanting somewhere quirky/ unusual to stay. Everywhere you selected was just perfect and we met some lovely people.

The vehicle was modern, well maintained and effortless to drive. We had every confidence in it and it came into its own when we slept in it, the night of the storm. (White Lady Lodge, Brandberg).

The sand dunes at Sossusvlei were awesome. FOOTNOTE: We climbed Big Daddy in the early morning, but the heat still melted the glue on my trainers and the soles fell off on the sand dune. Blind panic set in before I requisitioned Paul’s socks to reattach lost soles.
No harm done! I must be the only person who went down the canyon with flip flops ( which I bought at the entrance shop. Only two pairs left). How many times have I frowned at people walking in sandals on rugged terrain. But I wasn’t missing the canyon.

I know we got booked in to Flamingo Villas because you couldn’t get your usual booking in Swakopmund, but we just loved Walvis Bay, our room on the front and the flamingo’s was a magic location and the staff were outstanding. On our arrival they booked two tours for us and then came and found us on the prom, where we were antiquating ourselves with the flamingo’s, to inform us that trips were all arranged.

Would highly recommend Jeanne Meintjes Eco Marine Kayak Tours – collected us from hotel and took us to Pelican Point amongst all the seals, dolphins and flamingoes. Her enthusiasm was infectious. She provided all equipment, clothing and hot drinks and refreshments.

We wished we could have stayed longer at Sessfontain – the swimming pool was very welcome and we loved the setting in the fort. We had such a good visit to the Himba people with the lady who worked at the hotel – she spoke their language.

Etendeka Mountain Camp was out of this world and we had such good, knowledgeable guides and warm welcome from the newly arrived manager and his wife. Stories around the camp fire come to mind.

Etosha was everything we wanted it to be. Prolific wild life from the moment we entered the park. We saw so many lions, lionesses, cubs – two a penny. Watched a lioness eating a carcass, with her young nearby, then big male came along, told her who was boss, and took the food. Also saws female being stalked by male, then they performed right in front of our truck. Rhinos at night, by the pool.

Papa Falls Resort was outstanding – perfect chalet, with terrace, in amongst the trees. You didn’t have to go searching, the birds came to you. We did a lovely boat ride on the Kavango River with an expert guide – we saw so much wildlife as well as lots of sleepy hippos.

And as for Okanjima…….What a superb end to a superb adventure. I finally got to see a leopard – right out in the open. As well as doing two walking safaris and seeing three cheetahs. Afternoon tea and cakes weren’t bad either.

So THANK YOU again for a perfect holiday.

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