Self-Drive Safari

Is a self drive safari really a thing …

A Self Drive Safari is not only possible but can be hugely rewarding!

We all have very different ideas of what a safari actually “looks” like. Before I went on a safari, I had visions of vast open plains with me in a safari jeep. With 10 other people bouncing around as the guide drove for hours to find wildlife.

Namibia is nothing like this.

Outside Etosha National Park you simply drive yourself between the lodges on tarred or gravel roads and then the expert guides at the camp take you out into their own reserves. You can then sit back, relax and let the guide do the technical 4×4 driving while you enjoy the wildlife.

Land Rover Guide Vehicle Etendeka.
Damaraland Namibia.

Etendeka Mountain Camp Game Drive

However, when you get to Etosha National Park – you are in charge.

Due to the dry nature of Namibia the animals in Etosha must go to the spring fed water holes to drink, so you can just sit at a waterhole and wait, and the wildlife comes to you!

Klein Namutoni waterhole - herbivores come in all shapes and sizes.

Klein Namutoni Waterhole, Eastern Etosha National Park

The park is very well sign posted, the roads are good (you are not allowed to drive off the roads) and the waterholes are easy to find – and to make it even easier we will give you a copy of “The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park”, written by Kathryn Haylett, our Chief Guide and Owner of Your Safari.

Lion in Etosha National Park Namibia

The camps all have a sightings book and every visitor is there for the same reason, so people exchange helpful information on what they have seen and where.

If wildlife is your thing and you are not the kind to “run with the herd” then the benefits of a self-drive safari are:

Freedom – Stay as long as you want to maximise your chance of witnessing that “David Attenborough” moment

Lion Chasing a Springbok Etosha national park

Taken by Kathryn Haylett at Salvadora Waterhole, north of Halali, Etosha National Park

Photography – you’ll always have a window seat!

Flexibility – why choose a set itinerary when you can create your own perfect safari?

No Compromising – as there will be just yourselves to please so you can enjoy your safari – your way

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