Rainy season? – What rainy season?


Most people ask us which the best time of year is to visit Etosha. Is it not the rainy season well the answer is almost anytime.

Lion & Cub drinking at the waterhole Namibia.

Some of my best photographs have been in the rainy season. The water lies in isolated puddles and animals drink next to the road. It is also the time of new birth.With hundreds of young being born throughout the park. With the inevitable increase in carnivore activity.

Green Season

So, don’t dismiss the so called “green” season it can be very rewarding with great photo opportunities. With interesting wildlife behavior, low season rates, fewer tourists and winter sun!
Here is a rough guide to the seasonality of Etosha National Park
January – chance of standing water along roadsides giving the opportunity of close up photography. Lots of young antelopes – heightened carnivore activity.

The time of year

February – in truth, this is the only month I haven’t visited Etosha!
March and April – Etosha will be as green as it will ever be. Unusual wildlife sightings with lots of birds feeding on the insects and there is a better chance of seeing reptiles.

May – The migrating matriarchal herds of elephants make their way back to the main waterholes as the outlying water dries up. (the big bulls rarely leave so can be seen year-round)
June – comfortably cool and fewer tourists, clear blue skies. The colder mornings mean the carnivores are active for longer as they don’t have to go to shade so early.

July – still cool but getting progressively warmer towards the end of the month.
Aug, Sep, Oct – getting progressively hotter, drier and dustier with the waterholes becoming increasingly important to the wildlife – so just sit and wait and get your camera ready.
November – Etosha at its most dramatic. Hot and dusty with storm clouds building daily, ink black skies contrasting with the white roads, stunning sunsets and wildlife eagerly waiting for the rains. Possibility of sudden downpours.

December – usually dry after the teaser rains, wildlife as good as ever ….

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