Part 3: Kathryn’s Top Tips for Capturing the Moment.

These are my last few tips for wildlife photography, and how you be capturing the moment.

11. Lighting – try to get it right which is not always possible with wildlife. Try and get the catch light in the eye to give life and use Auto ISO when the light is fading leaving you free to concentrate on the action.

12. High shutter speed – for any action photo use 1250 and above.

Lion attack Etosha National Park
Lion attack

13. Ensure it’s sharp – if shooting from a vehicle you can’t go too far wrong with a beanbag or 3!

Close up of elephants eye

14. Make people smile – look for animals doing something different.

Male Lion resting
Lion after too many wildebeests

15. Take what you see not what you want to see – a beautiful image of a butterfly is far better than one of an empty plain sadly missing a cheetah!

16. Patterns, textures and shapes – look for something different – can you see the lions in this image?

sidewinder on the dunes Namibia
Sidewinder on dunes, but can you see the lions?

17. Practice – pets and garden birds help hone your techniques.

Fox in a Kent Field
Fox outside my window

I hope you have enjoyed these tips about capturing the moment, and please get out there and use them! I would love to see the pictures that you take, so please contact us.

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