Part 2: Kathryn’s Top Tips for Capturing the Moment

A few more tips for you all. If you have any to add, then please let me know and show me your results at Capturing the Moment Thank you,

6. Look for images out of the norm – don’t just see the obvious. I was practising panning to get these birds in flight while my guests were taking elephant photos and nearly deleted this image before I saw the two egrets sharing the piece of weed.

Egrets carrying a piece of weed
Egrets carrying a piece of weed
Egrets in Namibia
The original Egrets photo

7. Birds do a poo before they take off! – larger birds often lighten the load just before take off so watch for them to lift their tail and shoot.

Martial Eagle Namibia
Martial Eagle

8. Shoot eye ball to eye ball – connects you to the subject and gives it life – especially important with carnivores.

Walking Lion Namibia
Lion, taken in Etosha National Park, Namibia

9. Creative cropping – give space in an image, not everything should be in the middle.

Elephants Feet Botswana
Elle’s feet!

10. Front paw! – time your shot so the animal’s front leg is up – gives movement to a still image.

Rhino Namibia
Static Rhino
Walking Rhino Namibia
Walking Rhino

I hope you have enjoyed these tips about capturing the moment, and please get out there and use them! I would love to see the pictures that you take, so please contact us.

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