Kathryn’s Top Tips for Capturing the Moment

1. When Capturing the Moment Tell a story – Your picture should tell a story and you can have several different stories to tell in the same image. Herbivores just enjoying the open plains…. that impala looks like an attractive dinner!

Mating Lions

2. Study the animal’s behaviour and anticipate the action – sitting big cats yawn 3 times before getting up and walking. Lion pride members greet each other with head rubs.

Lion pride members greet each other with head rubs

3. Patience – sit it out and reap the rewards – sometimes! This photo was taken after 5 hours of waiting. They hunted 3 times and were eventually successful on the fourth attempt.

Lion kill at Salvadora Namibia
Lion Kill at Salvadora

4. Be ready – set up your gear before the action starts – wildlife gives you no time to faff about with settings!

5. Crop later – if you can’t get the perfect action in your full frame – crop out the dead wood later!

Leopard with vehicle
Leopard & Cub
Leopard without vehicle

Next time…Shoot eye ball to eye ball!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips, and please get out there and use them! I would love to see the pictures that you take, so please contact us.

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