In search of wild dogs in Botswana

My first time in Botswana to search for wild dogs, was eventful to say the least.

We were on a 10-night mobile camping safari and it was unusually hot – very hot.

November is one of my favourite times of year to visit Botswana. Right on the cusp of the rainy season with lots of newly born fawns to keep the carnivores happy.

We were in search of wild dogs in the Khwai Game Reserve. We had several unsuccessful attempts at finding them.

One very hot afternoon we dragged our beds out from the tents, to sleep in the shade of a large tree. Cooled by the breeze we slept peacefully completely unaware that the wild dog pack ran straight through our camp. This was following by a herd of impala and we woke to find paw prints all around our beds. The camp crew eager to show us the photos they took on their mobile phones!

Luckily, we caught up with the dogs later that night and this first introduction to Botswana’s wild places has kept me coming back for more every year since.

Did you know … 8 out of 10 wild dog hunts are successful!

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