When on your Botswana mobile safari, all your luggage must be compact, light and very easy to pack into the trailer.  Each guest is strictly limited to 20 kg of luggage in a soft carrier bag and an additional small day bag plus limited camera equipment.  If you wish to bring a lot of your camera equipment can you please advise us prior to your safari.

Prepare for 4 seasons in one day no matter which month you travel!


Natural toned, light weight clothes
Light weight long-sleeved tops and long trousers to prevent insect and mosquito bites
You will need comfortable shoes as well as sandals or flip-flops
Light, compact raincoat is a good idea for sporadic summer thunderstorms (November – April)
Fleece or sweater and a warm jacket for colder winter nights (May – August)
Beanies, scarf and gloves for the cold early morning games drives in winter


On your Botswana mobile safari you need a good quality flashlight and spare batteries/bulbs – a head torch is most useful
Camera with spare batteries, film or memory cards
Good quality pair of binoculars (8×30 or better)
Travel adaptor – Botswana uses plus types D and M.  Plug type D is the plug which has three round pins in a triangular pattern and plug type M is the plug which has three round pins
To try to reduce the number of plastics try to use reusable shopping bags while shopping in-country.
Reusable water bottle for each person travelling

Each seat in the safari vehicle has a USB charger for charging camera / video batteries


Sun block
lip balm
Insect repellent
Insect Bite Cream
Toiletries and any medicines


General First Aid Kit
Steri strips
Surgical Gloves
Some of the medical facilities can be very basic. So take your own needles and syringes when travelling to rural Africa.
Malaria Prophylaxis


It is your responsibility to ensure you are fully and adequately insured for the duration of your holiday.


The currency is the Botswana Pula (BWP) but US$ are widely used.  Try to bring small denomination notes as change can be an issue.  There are Four main commercial banks in Botswana. Barclays Bank. First National Bank. Stanbic. Standard Chartered Bank. As well as numerous foreign currency bureaus.  There are no currency controls in Botswana and most hotels, lodges, travel agents and larger shops will accept international credit cards and travellers’ cheques.
However the majority of your Safari we will be deep in the African bush therefore you will have no need for any retail therapy…


Tipping is welcomed in Botswana and in restaurants the usual 10% is acceptable as no service charge is levied.  Guides and safari staff can be tipped at your own discretion according to the quality of their service.  A general rule of thumb is US$5 per guest per day for camp staff and US$10 per guest per day for guides.


Nationals of most countries receive an entry visa on arrival.  These include most citizens of Europe and the UK, North America, South Africa and Commonwealth countries. 

It is essential that you check the visa requirements for your complete trip (including transits) before you depart.  We suggest you approach your government travel advisory service, the country’s embassy you will be visiting and transiting through or a visa agency.

It is your responsibility to research and arrange your own visas.  If you are refused entry into a country, it is your own responsibility and Your Safari will not be liable for any expense or inconvenience incurred as a result.

British Citizens can approach:  https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.


GMT plus two hours. Click here for the time now in Botswana.

If you have any further questions or need any help please contact us here.

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