Green Namibia – Zambezi and Bwabwata Region.

Lilly pads on a water hole Namibia

This part of Green Namibia, formally known as the Caprivi Strip. This area has a unique charm of its own and combining the desert with the green north. Gives travelers the best of both safari destinations.

A crocodile on the bank of a river

The desert landscapes are covered by water and lush forests. Providing a perfect combination of habitats. The bird life is prolific here.There is also opportunities to see hippos, crocodiles and monkeys.

red lechwe in the flooded rivers Namibia.

In the National Parks. Desert dwelling Antelope, red lechwe, sable, roan and wild dog are often seen

Geese flying over Mahango National Park

In the west is the little known Mahango National Park spanning both sides of the Kavango River. Hundreds of bird species call this home and vast herds of buffalo frequent the floodplains on the eastern bank.

Water hide on the Kavango

Further along the “strip” is the Zambezi Region and Mudumu and Nkasa Rupara National Parks. Not dissimilar to the neighbouring Okavango Delta. The best way to enjoy everything this area has to offer. Is to use the water based activities to explore the myriad of waterways

sign to Bwabwata National Park

Perfect for independent and adventurous travellers, this region is an ideal gateway to neighbouring Botswana and is just a short drive further to Victoria Falls and beyond.

Hippo in the water

Above all Green Namibia known for its stunning desert scenery and wildlife, has a greener side. A land of lazy waterways, lush forests and a whole new cast of wildlife to discover.

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