The Photographer’s Guide to Etosha National Park

Photographer's Guide to Etosha National Park
By Mario Fazekas, Kathryn Haylett
& Jenny Fazekas

You are going on safari to Etosha National Park and you have dreams of capturing your fantastic wildlife experiences on camera and returning home with impressive images to show friends and family.

You get home with magnificent memories, but boring photographs that have not captured the essence of Etosha. You are so disappointed with the photographs that you show nobody.
The above scenario is played out by many people each year. You are unsure of what photo equipment to bring with, you don’t know where the animal hot-spots are and you don’t know what to expect from the animals if and when you do find them.

And by the time you are just getting ‘acclimatized’ to the park, it’s time to go home.

For many people, an African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and they don’t have the time or money to repeat the trip in order to rectify mistakes they made on their first trip.

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Behaviour Guide to African Mammals: 20th Anniversary Edition

The Behavior Guide to African Mammals: 20th Anniversary EditionBy Doctor Richard Estes

Quite simply The Behaviour Guide to African Mammals is every safari enthusiast’s bible.

In order to be a qualified safari guide in Southern Africa, we all have to study, and this book that we all refer to throughout our lives in the bush. 17 1/2 years in the writing after 45 years of observation of African Mammal behaviour – this book is truly a life’s work, this guide allows us to understand what animals do and what their behaviour means. Drawing on his own extensive fieldwork and on the research of many other scientists, Richard Estes describes and explains the behaviour of four major groups of mammals. Estes’s remarkably informative guide is as up-to-date for the zoologist as it is accessible for the interested onlooker.

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The Safari Companion

Safari CompanionBy Doctor Richard Estes

Since its original publication in 1993, The Safari Companion has been the best field guide to observing and understanding the behavior of African mammals.An indispensable tool for naturalists traveling to Africa, this new edition has been revised to acknowledge the enthusiasm of those watching these magnificent animals at zoos and wildlife parks, and on film.The Safari Companion enables readers to recognize and interpret visible behavioral activities, such as courtship rituals, territorial marking, aggression, and care of young. Each account of over 80 species includes a behavioral table in which the unique actions of the hoofed mammals, carnivores, and primates are described for easy reference. In addition, useful maps show the major national boundaries, vegetation zones, and game parks relevant to the guide. The book includes an extensive glossary, as well as tips on wildlife photography, a list of organizations working to protect African wildlife, and advice on where and when to see the animals.

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where the wild things wereWhere the Wild Things Were

By Stanley Johnson

Four years ago Kathryn was asked by Namibian Tourist Board to guide Stanley Johnson around the country. Author of many books on conservation, Stanley was so impressed by the work undertaken by the Africat Foundation and the country as a whole he included a chapter on Namibia and some of Kathryn’s photo’s in his book “Where the Wild Things Were”.

Featured in:

BBC Wildlife Magazine

BBC Wild Life Magazine

Namibia may be slightly under the radar in the UK but it is often the destination of choice for professional wildlife photographers looking to boost their portfolios with amazing safari shots.

The reason why experts like Chris Packham decide on this particular part of Africa is mainly because Namibia boasts the best light conditions in the world and, when combined with the country’s wide-open plains, the results are truly stunning. The Namibian light creates a fantastic backdrop for taking incredible photos (just the ticket to make your friends jealous back home) and the good news is that you don’t need to buy an expensive camera to achieve this. The first and last light of the day envelopes the landscape in a warm amber glow which highlights the subject of your photo perfectly.

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As a world traveler and professional photographer I highly recommend the Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park to anyone planning a trip to Namibia and the Etosha National Park.

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Your time and money are valuable and this book will help you save both.

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