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Kathryn Langley, Bilton School age 6 and a half


Kathyrn Haylett

I knew from an early age which direction I wanted to take in life and now I am living my dream guiding fellow wildlife enthusiasts around my beloved Africa.

Having studied in South Africa I founded Your Safari in 2002 offering travellers the opportunity to enjoy African wildlife at their own pace, in their own company and on their own itinerary.

As chief guide I also spend several months a year leading private safaris for photographers, friends travelling together or families and am never happier than when we are sitting at a waterhole in Etosha watching the drama unfold all around us and I can share the experience with my guests.

I truly have the best job in the world – to be able to spend time in the bush watching wildlife with like minded people, well away from the hustle and bustle of modern living – well, that’s not really working is it?

Dr Richard Despard Estes PhD

Richard Despard Estes - Your Safari

For those of us in the safari industry Dr Estes needs no introduction. He is a behavioural ecologist and conservationist and is the world’s leading exponent on African Mammal Behaviour.

Author of 3 major books on the subject, “The Safari Companion”, “The Behaviour Guide to African Mammals”, and “Gnu’s World”.  We have been privileged in running observational safaris with him in Etosha and the Serengeti and will be returning to Botswana with him in 2016.

Dr Estes Guide Tours


Jessops Academy

Karl Andre Terblanche - Your Safari

In 2015 we teamed up with Jessops Academy to run photo tuition safaris in Namibia, Botswana and Kenya.

Suitable for photographers from beginners to those with years of experience, these hands on tours are tailor made for you individually to help you perfect new techniques and practise them in the field while enjoying your safari.

Photo Tuition Tours


Tommy Collard

Tommy Collard - Your Safari

Tommy has been involved in conservation, tourism and herpetology all his life and is widely considered to be one of Namibia’s leading experts on desert wildlife.

A day out with him into the coastal dunes around Swakopmund is a must for our guests and photographers are given the rare opportunity to take close ups of some of the Namib’s rarer inhabitants including the side winding Peringuey’s Adder, the opaque Palmato Gecko and the endemic Namaqua Chameleon.


The Africat Foundation


No visit to Namibia is complete without a stay at Okonjima Lodge, home of the Africat Foundation. Here you will have the opportunity to walk with wild Cheetah and track Leopard, Wild dog and Hyena with the aid of a telemetry whilst learning about the real conservation work undertaken by the Africat Team.

Open quote marks I am not African because I was close quote marksborn in Africa but because Africa was born in me

Kwame Nkrumah

a land of incredible contrast - Namibia has it all

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Namibia Safari Lion
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